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Compatibility changes

Enrichment placements (14 Feb 2008)

SEARCH-3654 Generalized enrichment handling

Removed APIs:

  • SearchTab.getEnrichmentLimit()
  • SearchTab.getEnrichmentOnTop()
  • SearchTab.getEnrichmentOnTopScore()
  • EnrichmentHint.isAlwaysVisible()

Added APIs:

  • EnrichmentPlacementHint class
  • EnrichmentHint.getProperties()

Changed API:

  • AbstractEnrichmentDirective.placementCorrect(..)

The logic on how many enrichments to show and enrichment thresholds have been moved, from being static to a SearchTab, into the EnrichmentPlacementHint class.
The class is configured with the <enrichment-placement> element in views.xml.
Any vertical, or SearchTab, may have as many <enrichment-placement> as desired. It is intended that EnrichmentPlacementHint is used primarily by EnrichmentDirective implementation.

Both EnrichmentHint and EnrichmentPlacementHint may contain arbitrary properties. The properties for EnrichmentHint are passed into the corresponding search command result list as fields.

EnrichmentHint.isAlwaysVisible() was removed, it's /reverse/ functionality re-implemented in's EnrichmentDirective as this was the sole place where it was false, ie always-visable="false".

AbstractEnrichmentDirective.placementCorrect(..) method signature changed to take for the first parameter a DataModel instance instead of a SearchTab instance. This gave the implementation of the method more flexibility as SearchTab was easily derived from the DataModel.

New methods for offset / SearchCommand.isPaginated() (3 Mar 2008)

SEARCH-3733 New methods for offset
SEARCH-4264 Nyhetssøk, nettsøkberikelsen tar i bruk offset fra URL-en

Offset methods moved away from junkyard to using 'offset' navigator.
No longer any need for SearchConfiguration's isPaging() or isIgnoreOffset() methods.

Added APIs:

  • boolean SearchCommand.isPaginated()
  • int AbstractSearchCommand.getOffset()

Deprecated APIs:

  • int AbstractSearchCommand.getCurrentOffset(int i) :: Use instead getOffset() +i

Removed APIs:

  • SearchConfiguration.isPaging()
  • CommandConfig.setPaging()
  • NewsEspCommandConfig.isIgnoreOffset()
  • NewsEspCommandConfig.setIgnoreOffset()
AbstractSearchCommand.getParameter(..) no longer uses junkyard (5 Mar 2008)

Removed APIs:

  • AbstractSearchCommand.getParameters()
    Use AbstractSearchCommand.getParameter(parameterName) or datamodel.getParameters().getValues() instead.

New Features


Minimum Java required bumped to Java6 (28 Feb 2008)

Sesat-kernel/sitemap-generator uses ServiceLoader to load PageProviders from skin sitemap jarfiles.

Minimum Tomcat required bumped to Tomcat-6 (28 Feb 2008)

META-INF/context.xml unpacking during deployment on tomcat-5.5 kills the application. See SEARCH-4296 sesat r6123 incompatible with tomcat-5.5

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