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SESAT Architecture Overview


SESAT is composed of the following main components:

  • SESAT Kernel - Main engine
  • SESAT API - Application Programmers Interface
  • SESAT SFC - Search Frontend Container
  • SESAT ADM - Administrative Portal

The Components

SESAT Kernel

  • Analyses queries
  • Performs searches, handles timeouts
  • Applies analysis and search rules
  • Creates the «search result object»
  • Handles personalisation

SESAT API – work in progress

  • XML-RPC:
    • XML-based API with full support for all services in the kernel.
    • Output configurable on a per-partner basis
    • Security services
  • Web Services (WS)
    • QoS governance
    • WS for loosely coupled consumers


  • The Search Frontend Container allows quick deployment of search application based on the kernel
  • Configurable:
    • skins, vhosts, ranking, indexes, analysis rules, navigators and enrichments
  • Runs in the same JVM as the kernel for speed

SESAT ADM – source code not released yet

  • Administration of analysis and search rules
  • Administration of FAST-lists (wordlists)
  • User/LDAP administration
  • Statistics tools (query analysis, traffic analysis)
  • Portal framework (JSR-168 compliant)
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