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Building with FAST libraries

The FAST libraries are proprietary and so not part of the default Sesat build and not hosted in Sesat's maven repository.
To build the version of Sesat to be used against FAST libraries use instead:

mvn install -Pinclude-fast
You need your own access to the FAST jar libraries and must deploy them to your own maven repository

The FAST libraries require a few dependencies which cannot be bundled (due to classloading issues) into Sesat. Therefore it is required that the following jar's are copied (eg from your local maven repository) to $CATALINA_HOME/lib:

  • commons-cli-1.0,
  • commons-codec-1.3,
  • commons-httpclient-3.0.1,
  • commons-lang-2.3,
  • commons-logging-1.1,
  • dsapi-2.0.70,
  • esp-searchapi-5.0.14,
  • jscience-3.3,
  • msearch-client-4.2,
  • spring-1.2.1

The following script "" can be used on *nix:
# Deploys the fast libraries and its dependencies into the tomcat lib directory, finding them from the local repository.

if test -z "$1" ; then
 echo "Usage: <path to tomcat-home/lib>"
 exit 1;

find ~/.m2/repository/ -name commons-cli-1.0.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
find ~/.m2/repository/ -name commons-codec-1.3.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
find ~/.m2/repository/ -name commons-httpclient-3.0.1.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
find ~/.m2/repository/ -name commons-lang-2.3.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
find ~/.m2/repository/ -name commons-logging-1.1.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
find ~/.m2/repository/ -name dsapi-2.0.70.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
find ~/.m2/repository/ -name esp-searchapi-5.0.14.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
find ~/.m2/repository/ -name jscience-3.3.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
find ~/.m2/repository/ -name msearch-client-4.2.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
find ~/.m2/repository/ -name spring-1.2.1.jar -exec cp {} $1/ \;
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