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How to keep private code, or 'Trade Secrets', while using the Free Software License?

Only code directly using the Sesat APIs (or SPIs) is considered derivative work. So for example code that is using an rss/xml/ajax interface to Sesat is not a covered work but be an interactive client. Skins, for example java classes within the skins, will be covered work.

Backend systems, from administration portals to databases and indexes, and any code layering on top of this of course may remain private, and can be used within the search front end in a manner similar to other propriety/private libraries that the Sesat code uses, for example the FAST java libraries.

The most practical approach to keep private code often would be to keep propriety/private code in a separate project and include it in the Sesat skin as a jar library dependency. This maintains a clean design between framework code and the underlying data and/or schema details. This is described as an aggregated work in §5 of the license.


Where is the "monolithic" or "all-in-one" documentation?

The website has a search form at the top of every page just for searching the website, and we are a search technology project, we'd rather you use that.
Otherwise there is a monolithic PDF found here, but there's no guarantee it's up to date.


Where is kernel version 1.0?

Versions up to 2.15 where done under private development. Version 3.0 of the sesat-kernel can be considered the initial api-stable release as open source projects usually consider the 1.0 release to be. See

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