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HOWTO implement a RunHandler

POJO to hold configuration:

Create in run-handler-config project.
Implement getter and setters to store configurable options.

Controlling class:

Create in run-handler-control project.
Implement the handleRunningQuery method.

Configuration: modes.xml//modes/mode/run-handlers

Add the run-handler to the mode you wish it to be applicable to.
For example:

   <abc bean-property-1="someValue" bean-property-2="someValue"/>

The name of the element inside <run-handlers> is the name of the configuration POJO minux the RunHandlerConfig suffix, and with CamelCase translated to typical xml format camel-case.


  1. Make sure both run-handler-config & run-handler-control jars are bundled into your skin. For example inside the war like!WEB-INF/lib/!WEB-INF/lib/ 
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