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"Feature Freeze". and creating the production branch.

Coming up to any release the code goes into a "feature freeze".
At this point all development improvements and new features must be completed (resolved) and tested (verified),
or remaining improvements and new features be bumped up to the next version so that the feature freeze can progress.

The code is then branched, with quality assurance testing and bug fixing continuing in this branch until the release, with this branch being referred to as the "production branch", while trunk becomes the development for the next version.

This is done using the maven release plugin like:

cd sesat-kernel
svn up
mvn release:branch -DbranchName=<current-version-without-SNAPSHOT-suffix>
Accepting all default prompt values.

It's wise to initialise svnmerge at this time.

It's typical to run the trunk code in the alpha environment (using the alpha profile), and the "feature freeze" or "production branch" in the beta environment (using the beta profile).
Accordingly please re-configure the Sesat-Kernel.productionBranch... projects in Hudson after any new production branch.

Updating a (alpha|nuclei|beta|electron|gamma|production) environment.
cd sesat-kernel
svn up
mvn -P<environment>,include-fast clean install sesat-mojo:deploy -Dsesat.mojo.serverDeployLocation=<wagon-style-remote-location><remote-location-username>
Sesat Kernel comes with seven "environment" profiles: development, alpha, nuclei, beta, electron, gamma, production.

Development is intended for use on a developer's own machine.
Alpha is used on a server cluster for trunk testing.
Nuclei is used on a server cluster for secondary trunk testing.
Beta is used on a server cluster for production branch testing.
Electron is used on a server cluster for secondary production testing.
Gamma is used on a server cluster for tertiary production branch testing.
Production is used on a server cluster that hosts the real production.
These are only recommendations, they can be used how you wish.

The default serverDeployLocation settings for each "environment" profile are to sesam's own server farm.
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