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In an attempt to formally define what the Sesat Kernel open source project is trying to achieve, and how we plan to achieve it, we've come up with the Kernel Roadmap.

Please bear in mind that as with any good open source project all decisions are consensus-based by the community. Today this community consists of Schibsted Søk AS and Schibsted Sök AB.
Feel free to contribute to these priorities on
Upgrade Guides exist between each version.

Version Expected Features
2.x Sesat Kernel concepts still under development
* SKER4290 Design and code with JSPs in skins
* SKER3654 Generalized enrichment handling
* SKER3733 New methods for offset
* SKER4302 Building tutorial
* SKER2146 modes.dtd generator
* SKER2149 Divide & Conquer AbstractSearchCommand to delegates
* SKER3540 Anonymous TokenPredicates & Token Evaluator SPI
* SKER2273 SyndicationGenerator to work for any tab
* SKER4949 Solr (Lucene) search command
* Yahoo "Contextual Web Search" search command
3.0 Sesat Kernel original goals met, all Service Provider Interfaces defined.

* SKER1757 SESAT Kernel
* SKER4182 Sesat-ise and standardise decorators
* Google search command
3.1 Second phase of goals from Sesat Kernel's original specification.

* SKER2163 SESAT Testing Environment
* SKER1609 Immutability and the flyweight pattern within the DataModel
* Swing integration and tutorial
* Seam integration and tutorial
? Ideas we'd like to see and think easily feasible.

* Sharepoint integration
* Compass integration??
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